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Show Your Sports Fandom Without Sacrificing Style

It’s game day baby, which means it’s time to wear your lucky jersey and root for your favorite team as they take on their opponent. As you head out the door to go to the stadium or your local bar to cheer on your team, you want to show you’re a die-hard fan and number one supporter. But how do you do this in style? Unfortunately, baggy jerseys and sweats won’t do too much for you if you’re trying to make a stylish impression. If you’re looking to express your sports fandom without compromising style, take a look at our fashion tips below.

Baseball Caps

Baseball hats have been in style for decades, especially when baseball became increasingly popular in the mid-20th century. The benefit of baseball caps is that they can turn any look into a sporty fit.

Are you hosting a networking event in a luxury suite overlooking the park? If so, a baseball cap with your team’s logo will help you show your sports fandom even when you’re in business casual attire. Or, are you meeting your friends at a local pub to watch the game? A baseball cap will allow you to show your fandom in your everyday outfit.

Pull Off the Look:

  1. Baseball cap with your team’s logo

  2. Plain white or black tee

  3. Fitted jeans or khakis


If you’re a football or basketball fan, you probably have a few jerseys worn by your favorite players hanging up in your closet. If you want to show your fandom without sacrificing style, there’s a way you can do that with a jersey. Whatever you do, don’t tuck your jersey in, that’s meant for the players, and don’t pair it with skinny jeans either, as the bagginess of your jersey will make it look like you skipped leg day at the gym.

Instead, layer your jersey by wearing a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt underneath. If you’re going to a tailgate, you may get cold as late-season games come up. In this case, throw your jersey over a hoodie with a neutral color that compliments the colors of your jersey.

Pull Off the Look:

  1. Your team’s jersey

  2. Short or long-sleeved undershirt

  3. Joggers or straight fit jeans

  4. Beanie

  5. Boots

Soccer Scarves

If you’re a soccer (or football if you’re across the pond) enthusiast and want to show your support for your favorite team, do so with a soccer scarf. As you walk through a soccer terrace, you’ll notice fans wrap themselves in a scarf donning their favorite team’s logo or name.

This style has been taken to the runway where world-renowned designers dress their models with a knitted soccer scarf to complete their look. Soccer scarves have been a major component to sports fashion, so if you’re looking to rep your favorite team, go for a street style-inspired look by wearing neutral colors and using your soccer scarf to add a pop of color. This will create a focal point to your ensemble that shows off your stylish credentials.

Pull Off the Look

  1. A soccer scarf with your team’s logo

  2. Plain white tee

  3. Black skinny jeans or khakis

  4. Beanie


Hats, jerseys, and scarves are the most apparent clothing garments to wear to show your sports fandom. However, those won’t complete your look. Once you have your branded apparel items and outfit ready, you need to make sure you have the right footwear to go along. As they say, the first thing people notice about you are your shoes, so if you want to show your friends and fellows sports fanatics you have an eye for detail, make sure you have the right footwear that’s in pristine condition.

If you’re sitting indoors, such as at a basketball game, you can polish off your look with a pair of sneakers that show your street style. And if you’re sitting courtside, you especially want to make sure your sneakers are in tip-top shape. So, pair your basketball jersey and jeans with a set of Nike shoes or Adidas shoes. These name-brand shoes are always one step ahead in the fashion world. And if you don’t know what style of sneakers to choose, get some inspiration from A-listers sitting courtside.

If you’re spectating outdoors, such as at a football, baseball, or soccer game, it’s best to trade your sneakers in for a more durable pair of footwear, such as boots. Men’s ankle boots will help you pull off a rugged look that will go well with a puffer jacket, a beanie, and your team’s jersey or scarf.

Bringing It All Together

Expressing your sports fandom doesn’t have to take away from your sense of style. There are easy ways you can make an oversized, baggy jersey look fresh or a hat look sophisticated, yet sporty.

These fashion tips will help you pull off a low-key look that is cool and sensible.


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John David
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mrstyles marchant
Jan 02, 2023

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