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Sports Connect U Will Launch Brand New App For Student Athletes


There is a brand-spanking new app geared just for student athletes.

Sports Connect U will release their student athlete app in August.

This application is a social networking platform connecting the amateur sports community for the expansion and overall success of the student-athlete. Now, student athletes can highlight and promote their bevvy of athletic skills, including sharing updates, photos and videos with college coaches.

“It has been described as LinkedIn for amateur sports and will give student athletes a new way to promote themselves,” public relations representative Connie Irvin said.

Although just 2 percent of high school athletes earn an athletic scholarship each year, this new app is the best tool for upcoming prospects.

Irvin said this will be an important app for student athletes, coaches and parents.

For more information on the application, go to

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Nikaa Haris
Nikaa Haris
May 11, 2023

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