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This past week the team and I took a work-cation, that’s right a work-cation. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that work-cation is an out of office workday or week while enjoying the luxuries of a vacation. We took to the streets of Miami, South Beach to be exact for the American Black Film Festival. While dealing with the undefeated sizzling heat that Miami provides, I came to realize that my preparation to endure such weather was a complete failed attempt. I decided to take notes and study the natives to see how they handle these smoldering temperatures.

To avoid having a suitcase of useless items check out my tips below from e-commerce site East Dane and get to packing for your next summer vaycay.

Swim: Pick a pair of shorts that are light, fit a couple of inches above the knees, and will be a great transitional piece for any of your daily activities. Something that can be worn to a meeting, lunch with friends, the beach and a night out without having to go and change. Check out more from Club Monaco here.

Club Monaco

Theory Daze Geoline Print Top

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