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South Beach Ready!

This past week the team and I took a work-cation, that’s right a work-cation. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that work-cation is an out of office workday or week while enjoying the luxuries of a vacation. We took to the streets of Miami, South Beach to be exact for the American Black Film Festival. While dealing with the undefeated sizzling heat that Miami provides, I came to realize that my preparation to endure such weather was a complete failed attempt. I decided to take notes and study the natives to see how they handle these smoldering temperatures.

To avoid having a suitcase of useless items check out my tips below from e-commerce site East Dane and get to packing for your next summer vaycay.

Swim: Pick a pair of shorts that are light, fit a couple of inches above the knees, and will be a great transitional piece for any of your daily activities. Something that can be worn to a meeting, lunch with friends, the beach and a night out without having to go and change. Check out more from Club Monaco here.

Camp: You want something easy and breathable. Don’t be afraid to try a print. Having a camp collar shirt is great for that little nod of sophistication. Check out more from Theory here.

Sun Blockers: The sun can be brutal and it’s best to carry protection that reflects your personal style. Check out more from Ray-Ban here and more from Ralph Lauren here. Ran-Ban

Ralph Lauren Sandals: Sandals are designed to look good and feel good, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good for your feet. Find the sandal that provides the best arch support for your feet. Check out more from Dr. Martens here. Dr. Martens


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