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The Most in Demand Sneaker Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2020

Planning on picking up a new pair of sneakers to rock this spring? Here are the latest, most in-demand sneaker trends that will be everywhere in 2020.

Feisty, functional, fabulous. That's 2020 retro sneaker trends all laced up in a bow for you. What you match your sneakers is with—whatever the heck you want, basically—is the intersection of sass and style that you're looking for.

So, here's a quick roundup to get your feet rocking in the right direction.

Big Names Are Playing Ball

Ever had that weird feeling of finding a great pair of sneakers but are worried because, well, no designer label? Worry no longer: all the big names have put their best foot forward and have jumped on the retro but radical bandwagon. Check out these shoes, for instance: they're stunning!

Fresh White Is Super Cool

Spring is in the air. A pair of fresh whites always impresses, especially if they are super-clean. The 2020 crop of crisp whites features an almost fluorescent quality and neat design elements on the uppers. They also have a certain trademark intelligence –clever low-key branding that only fellow connoisseurs will spot.

These flat, flat whites pair well with everything from cut-off denim shorts to that YSL tailored jacket or blazer. So whether you heading for the beach or the bigtime, we recommend heading there in the sneakers of your choice.

Sneaker Trends Are Breaking into the Boardroom

When we get back to the physical boardroom (remember that place we used to meet before COVID-19?), you can burst in two minutes before the meeting starts in your sneakers. Yes, that's right. Sneakers have hit the high notes, and foot health is foremost.

And it's not only the fresh whites you'll be sporting. Thanks to Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele who collaborated with Elton John for his farewell tour, we, too can wear sneakers sporting a different color on the left foot than on the right.

And there's no reason why we should sport our favorite departure from black leather lace-ups on the plush carpeting in the corporate world. All the coolest guests on the coolest talks shows are showing us just how it's done!

Turbo-Charged Shoe Tech for Trendy Sneakers

Make no mistake, you're getting the best hi-tech has to offer. Only now it comes with a ton of research behind it, and the best in foot comfort the world has to offer. All this is a package that looks like a turbo-charge automobile.  

Take the Yeezy Boost 380 by Adidas as an example. Its mottled "alien" design lends itself easily to all sorts of combos with your other clothes. Wearer comfort is one of the watchwords in the 2020 sneaker trends world.

Slip-on sneakers have also made a comeback. This is a natural extension of the idea that resonates with so many: sneakers are easy on the feet, easy on the eye, and easy to put on and take off. Just as it should be.

Why don't you slip your feet into a brand new pair today?


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