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SLAM Magazine and Spalding unveil “Without A Doubt: Vol 2” Starring De’Aaron Fox

Monday night Spalding and Slam Magazine hosted a screening of “Without a Doubt: Vol. 2,” a documentary on the journey of De’Aaron Fox. The documentary illustrates the mentality of Fox and what it took for him to get to where he’s at as an NBA prospect. Along with his father, mother, his high school coach and college Coach, John Callaperi, were all interviewed for the documentary and spoke to what it took for Fox not only physically but mentality on and off the court.

{Jae Gongora|QG}

Fox was in attendance to meet with guest and answered a few questions. Fox, who is a former Kentucky WildCat, discussed what players helped him along the process. As well as one question about another draftee and their flamboyant family members.

De'aaron Fox on who's helped him along the way — J.R ? Gongora ? (@PocketsizedJake) June 21, 2017

Fox’s strong personality and strong play has lead him to tomorrow’s draft as a potential top five pick. While this is bad news for the Knicks who sit at eight, it’s excellent news for the 19-year-old from Texas. There was a nice crowd that came out to Fox including Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy and Angela Yee and Power’s Rotimi.

Without a Doubt 2

With the draft tomorrow, anything seems possible. Now is the time to read up on everything you need to know. The documentary is available on Slam Magazine’s website.


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