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Former Seattle Seahawks Kam Chancellor Creates Luxury Shoe Line

Just a couple years ago, Kam Chancellor’s name was mentioned with some of the best current players in the NFL. As a member of the Seattle Seahawks, he was a 4-time Pro Bowler and led the Legion of Boom to a Super Bowl victory against the Denver Broncos. Now retired, Kam partnered with his wife and business partner to create “The Chancellor Collection”. I spoke with Kam about their shoe collection and more.

After retiring, what made you decide to pick up on entrepreneurship?

It was something that I always wanted to do. My focus was 100% football at the time because that’s the career that I loved at the moment. Entrepreneurship was something that I always wanted to get into, and that was what I was going to get into after I finished playing ball.

Tell me about your experience with New York fashion week

I had a good time walking in the show. I met a lot of models in the back, and they encouraged me to walk with confidence out on the runway ‘cause it was my first time ever doing it. I was a little nervous, but it was fun overall.

Tell me about your love for shoes.

It started in college. I used to always collect shoes, and I’m a shoe connoisseur. When I got to the NFL, I obtained a little more money so I was able to get more shoes. So I have a whole room full of shoes from designer shoes to workout shoes to a Jordan collection and just your overall Nike. I’ve always had a big love for shoes. The only problem I ran into is shoes not being comfortable, which is why me and my wife started The Chancellor Collection. Most of my shoes weren’t comfortable and not only that, they were overpriced.  They were expensive shoes, and it just didn’t feel right purchasing shoes that cost thousands of dollars. That’s why we wanted to create these relaxed, comfortable shoes that are also affordable.

How great is it to start this shoe line with your wife?

I think it’s a beautiful thing. our marriage is a marriage, but it’s also a partnership. When it comes to our business, we both are very hands-on. We communicate a lot about the business we do together. It’s a testament to our teamwork. We want to be the best teammates possible with our collection and our company that we run. To be able to be anywhere and bounce ideas and opinions off each other about shoe designs I truly think it’s beautiful, and it’s a testament to our marriage and unity. We definitely want to show that unity and hope that a lot of married couples can do business together and work together.

What’s the thought process and inspiration that you two envision for the shoes?

It depends on the season- that will tell us what we want to release whether it’s a boot, low top shoe, high top shoe, leather, [or] suede. That predicts what type of shoe it’s going to be. We get inspiration from the places we go. When we sit still and we just look around, we get inspiration and that helps us with color and what we are going to name shoes. Then we draw things out and we send ideas to our business partners, go back and forth on what like, then we create samples that turn into finished products.

How did you find purpose again when most people would give up after a career-ending injury and just live off their wealth?

I’m not like most people; I’ve never been one to give up. When I set my mind to something, no matter what it takes or how long it takes, I’m going to achieve that until God shows me otherwise. That’s my mindset, and I believe most things are possible. It’s just a matter of are you willing to do what you have to do to get to where you want to get?

Kam and Tiffany look to continue their work together not only showing us that couples can successfully do business together, but also that a career-ending injury only has the power to end that career.  It doesn’t have the power to end your life or stifle your passion and purpose. 

Written by Manny Adeyeye

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