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The Science Channel to Air a Two-Hour Special on Black Pharaohs

The history books taught us that the Egyptians were responsible for building the pyramids, but what if they weren’t the only ones who were able to build these massive tombs. The Science Channel is airing a new two-hour special that suggests there was another empire in what we today call Sudan, which had a bigger civilization than the Egyptians. And guess what? They were Black and called the Kush Empire.

During the special titled Lost Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs, we hear the interesting story of the Kush Empire’s 100-year reign over Egypt while also going back further to detail the overall history of Nubia. Scholars have always believed that powerful pharaohs were Black but racism and stereotypes continued to dismiss that idea. In recent years, new evidence has shown that the 25th dynasty was indeed ruled by these great black pharaohs who were conquerors from Egypt’s southern neighbor Nubia, now Sudan.

“This is unique and special program with rare and privileged access, that sets out to right a wrong perpetrated by early archeologists who refused to see or acknowledge the contributions of the black pharaohs to the glory of ancient Egypt,” said Neil Laird, Executive Producer, Science Channel.

The special follows the research teams as they unearth a lost fortified city, open newly discovered pyramids, and extract DNA from the ancient dead, to show how this African culture, home to fabulous wealth, monumental architecture, and a rich culture, all led by a black dynasty, should now be given its place alongside the great revered ancient civilizations.

Check out Lost Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs on the Science Channel on December 1 at 8 pm.


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