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Sammie Releases “Everlasting”

March 1, 2019, not only marks the 32nd birthday of former QG cover artists Sammie, but it marks the release of his latest project Everlasting.

The R&B Pisces recently hosted an intimate listening session of the 13 track project that featured a wide variety of sounds, but the essence of the album was real and raw Sammie. Pulling from a lot of his own experience, this new project offers a look not only into his life, but it allows you to reflect on yourself. Songs such as Funeral, Success Vs Love, Issues and Face to Face. Everlasting has already become a hit with singles Times 10 featuring Lil Baby and H.L.I.T.L. (How Long Is Too Long). H.L.I.T.L. is about finally finding that connection & vibe with your mate that you never want to end. Overall, Sammie feels that this album has something that everyone will love.

Make sure you take a listen today. Let us know what your favorite song is.

Check out the video to H.L.I.T.L. (How Long Is Too Long) below.


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