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Russell Wilson Could Buy Every Home For Sale in West Bellevue, His Seattle-Area Neighborhood

The Seahawks quarterback could also purchase the top 30% percent of homes by list price in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia. See what else Wilson could afford.

Once his record-breaking contract is paid out, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson could hypothetically afford to purchase every home for sale in his West Bellevue neighborhood in cash—with $120 million left over.

Wilson reportedly purchased this estate, located on the shores of Lake Washington in the Seattle suburb, for $6.7 million in 2015. With more than 10,000 square feet, the 7-bedroom, 6.75-bathroom home seems to have plenty of room for Wilson, his wife, Ciara, and their family. But if the family is looking to expand their real estate portfolio now that Wilson is the highest-paid player in NFL history, we have some ideas.

Wilson’s $140 million four-year contract extension, plus a $65 million signing bonus, will add $205 million to his bank account if all goes according to plan. If Wilson used all $205 million to take a very expensive walk down memory lane, he would be able to buy:

  1. All 33 homes for sale in West Bellevue, the neighborhood where Wilson currently lives with his family, for $84.8 million.

  2. All 17 homes for sale in Pioneer Square, the Seattle neighborhood where the Seahawks play their home games at CenturyLink Field, for $13.7 million.

  3. More than one-quarter of the least expensive homes for sale—477 homes—in the city of Seattle for $204.8 million.

  4. The top 2% of homes for sale by list price—35 homes—in Seattle for $203.6 million.

  5. More than 80% of the least expensive homes for sale—318 homes—for $204.7 million in Renton, the Seattle suburb where the Seahawks practice facility is located.

  6. The top 58% of homes for sale by list price—229 homes—in Renton, for $204.6 million.

  7. Every single home for sale—451 homes—in Madison, Wisconsin, where Wilson played college football.

  8. More than 85% of the least expensive homes for sale—766 homes—for $204.9 million in Richmond, Virginia, where Wilson grew up and attended high school.

  9. The top 29% of homes for sale by list price—256 homes—in Richmond, for $204.9 million.

  10. Nearly 60% of the least expensive homes for sale—1,003 homes—for $204.9 million in Cincinnati, where Wilson was born.

  11. The top 10% of homes for sale by list price—156 homes—in Cincinnati for $204.6 million.

The analysis above is based on the assumption that Wilson would hypothetically pay for the homes in all cash.


For this report, we used reports of Russell Wilson’s new contract extension, which totals $205 million, to determine how many homes he would hypothetically be able to buy once the contract is paid out. We looked at all of the active listings for condos, townhouses and single-family homes in the cities of Bellevue, Seattle, Renton, Madison, Richmond and Cincinnati. Then, we took the value of Wilson’s contract extension and created a running total of list prices in each of those cities until the $205 million was exhausted. We repeated the process for neighborhoods in each of those cities to come up with percentages for West Bellevue and Pioneer Square.

Article provided by:Redfin


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