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Russell Westbrook Releases His New Book: Style Drivers

Russell Westbrook is not just known for how he handles journalists with his unapologetic responses. The Oklahoma City Thunder player is being recognized as a fashion heavy hitter. Just a few weeks ago The NBA Player’s Association honored the fashion forward athlete with three awards one of them being, Best Dressed. All NBA players are not created equally especially in the realm of fashion. Westbrook was crowned the fashion king this summer as he took the cover for Sports Illustrated’s Fashionable 50 cover wearing a gray pinstripe Salvatore Ferragamo suit. Considering his track record with fashion we shouldn’t be surprised about his upcoming style book.

The book is aptly titled Style Drivers. The publisher’s website reveals that in the book Westbrook talks about how he uses fashion as a “psychological weapon” on and off the court. It will be interesting to get a peek into the ball player’s fashion mind. We always get sound bites from him regarding games so it is refreshing to hear him talk fashion. He’s done everything from Milan Fashion Week to collaborating with the Jordan brand which hopefully will be detailed in the book. The book has three different cover options and is expected to include many stylish images.

The book is available today! Clearly, fans and fashion lovers are not the only ones excited about the release of the book. Westbrook tweeted a video of him singing and dancing in celebration of the book release. When you guys get the book tell us about your favorite looks.


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