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Rudy Currence Releases New Music, “Testimony”

Just in time for the summer, Rudy Currence is back with his latest offering,“Testimony”. The hot new track is the 2nd single from Currence’s forthcoming album “Stained Glass Windows” and Mixtape “Seven Seven Seventeen”. Produced by Rudy’s younger brother, Mykal Star AKA MykalStarOnThaBeat#Testimony pairs an infectious hip-hop drum loop with a classic choir sample from the Hawkins Family “Love Alive II” album. By merging the best of both traditional and contemporary, the record showcases Rudy’s versatile style and eclectic taste.

“Testimony” is the follow-up track to the initial release “Send Me I’ll Go” currently playing on Revolt TV, BET Gospel, Music Choice, and more. Like “SendMe I’ll Go“, “Testimony” has a very relatable message seeing as ‘Everybody has one’.

Now available on SoundCloud and slated for a July 7th release on Spotify, #Testimony is sure to heat up your Summer ‘17!


Rudy Currence


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