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Rookie Quarterback, Dak Prescott Breaks All-Time Tom Brady Record

One Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback broke the all-time record for pass attempts without an interception as a rookie.

Dak Prescott threw a beautiful ball against the Green Bay Packers as he evaded the pressure, stepped up in the pocket and delivered a ball to receiver Terrance Williams, who was working the field before finally catching the pass near the sidelines.

With Prescott’s 163 pass attempts without an interception, he passes New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback in the history of the game, who previously, of course, held the record with 162 passes as a rookie.

However, just a few plays later, Julius Peppers of the Packers caused Prescott into a near interception. But the play was later ruled a fumble as Prescott’s arm was hit before fully extending into a throwing motion.

Right now, the Cowboys are up 7-6, but the cheese heads are never out of it. As long as they have a healthy Aaron Rodgers, the Packers have a chance to win any game.

The former quarterback of Mississippi State currently has 1,327 yards passing, five touchdowns with a 69 percent completion percentage. Let’s not forget the 4-1 record, which is currently best in the NFC East.


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