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Rob Riley Releases New Single “Prove it”

Rob Riley, star of the CW’s hit show Dynasty, has added recording artist to his name. The Hit The Floor actor has been in been on your screen for years but now he wants to be played through your iTunes! With the release of “Prove it”, Riley is displaying all of his talents.

If you follow Riley on his Instagram, you have seen that he reps his native country of Trinidad to the fullest. It’s no surprise that his Caribbean heritage would be heard in his music. Riley recently launched Peppa Sauce Entertainment in Trinidad. The song “Prove It,” was produced by Soca producer Kernal “Kitch” Roberts who is the son of legendary Lord Kitchner. Together they bring a flair that has the potential to get you up and dancing.

Riley is diversifying his resume and making a name for himself outside of TV and Film.

Listen to “Prove it” featuring Traffik 7.0 below.


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