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Eight Year Old Actor River Mason Eromosele Helps Children Learn Spirituality with New Book

We have a young Quintessential Gentleman on our hands. Eight-year-old author River Mason Eromosele makes his debut with his first children’s book entitled The Sky Is The Limit. The book is written for youth between the ages of 2 -15 and teaches the importance of enhancing their chakras through positive thinking, eating healthily and being physically active. The book has been titled The Sky Is The Limit because he believes anything is possible and hopes that others will develop the same positive attitude when striving to achieve their goals.

River wrote the book because spirituality is an important part of his life, and he desires to help his peers by providing enlightenment regarding spiritual health. Positivity has the power to enrich people’s lives because our outlook impacts how we navigate life’s many challenges. People of all ages can benefit from the message in this book.  

Eromosele’s book also serves as a guide to self-healing meditation. He hopes to be a positive role model for other children and encourage them to follow their dreams. With all that he has accomplished at such a young age, he is already well ahead of the game.   

Apart from being an author, Eromosele is also an actor and model. He was featured in a cameo alongside Keke Palmer in Hustlers as well as appearing on season 2 of CBS’s The Good Fight and Netflix’s Madame Secretary. He has appeared in commercials and advertisements for companies such as Walmart and PopSugar to name a few. This young rising star is well on his way to becoming a household name. He’s living proof that dreams can be achieved at any age. 

Being the son of celebrity wardrobe stylist Pilar Scratch proves talent is in his DNA. It’s exciting to watch his creative journey as he continues to grow as an industry professional and solidify his place in the entertainment world. He’s one to watch, and this is just the start of the great things he’ll accomplish.

The Sky Is The Limit can be found at WalmartBarnes & Noble, Indigo, Amazon.


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