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What to Choose while Riding Motorcycle? – A Leather Gear or Textile Gear!

Nowadays, the decision of wearing motorcycle gear is more than just protection; in fact, people consider it as a lifestyle. The first thing to consider, while riding a motorbike is safety and usage of personal protective equipment. Some people prefer to wear leather gear while others choose textile material while riding a motorcycle.

Considering safety and style, people usually want to wear trendy motorcycle gear made of the best material on a journey. Some prefer leather gear, whereas some prefer textile or cotton material—motorcyclist desire to wear a protecting gear that is attractive, comfortable, cost-friendly as well as durable. If the gear is not comfortable, it distracts you while riding and can also cause accidents. So, to choose the best motorcycle riding jacket and other gears is a must. It has become a million-dollar industry now. Below are the pros and cons related to selecting a protecting gear.

Match your Personality

A rider can decide which material to use as he knows how smooth or rash driver he is. A reckless motorcyclist will always try to choose a durable material, i.e. leather. While, on the other hand, a smooth (ready to go with the flow) driver can choose from both materials. He can prefer to spend in a durable material and can select from a trendy, modish material, as well.

Sense of Style

Everyone has a different sense of style and individuality, so one must have to go for what soothes or suits his personality. If a rider prefers old school, he will go for leather gear instead of other trendy styles. A fashion-conscious and casual rider will always go for a textile gear; due to its low cost, resourcefulness, and easy care while a professional motorcyclist will always go for durability and one-time investment.

Micro and Macro Climate

Choosing gear isn't entirely in your hand as climate plays a significant role. So, it's not simple, that what you like or what suits your persona; sometimes, your preferences change according to the weather conditions in your area. In a hot climate opting textile material is advisable; it stays dry and is well ventilated, as compared to leather gears. Wearing leather in a tropical environment is simply impossible; and in case, you think of it, do know - it will make you uncomfortable and leaves you in sweat. Leather is preferable in areas where the temperature is cold or comparatively low; it keeps you warm, retains body temperature, and is wind resistant. On a rainy day, one must prefer to wear a raincoat, as leather can leave color and may shrink. So, the rider must choose the right clothing seeing the climate conditions, as if the gear is not comfortable, it can cause an accident.

Hygiene and Maintenance

Textile jackets are prone to more dust and dirt, but it is convenient to wash it in a washer. Still, you must know how to clean textile motorcycle gear; this will help to protect the material. While, on the other hand, leather material always needs to be dry cleaned. The Colour of the textile jackets fades quickly while the leather jackets are sturdy. The lifespan of a leather jacket is much longer than the textile jacket as the cotton fabric can damage very quickly and need a quick replacement, while leather jackets are long-lasting.

Which is Safer?

When it comes to safety in an accident, natural leather comparatively has a higher resistance to ignition; still leather is a flammable material, and it may burn with or without a flame. Textiles are more prone to cause damage due to the material used to make it. In an accident, the speed and intensity of the crash matter a lot. Leather will ensure you better in a sliding accident. It is just a hypothesis that in a low sliding accident, textiles may not burn, but its nylon strings will melt. In a small road accident, both material, leather, and textile will behave the same. Protective gear can save you up to some extent in severe road crashes, so make sure to drive carefully to protect yourself and other drivers on the road from any accidents.

Cost and Budget

It is suggestible to have a separate jacket to wear for different riding conditions. But it is challenging to have an extensive wardrobe of protecting gears, as well as a regular wardrobe. Moreover, it is not budget-friendly, to buy many protecting gears for each concerned condition is a luxury to afford. One must buy a jacket that can be used in multiple situations, you can say multi-purpose gear. Make sure to buy good quality protective gear as, as self-safety comes first.

This debate concludes that one must select the gear which suits his needs, as every rider has his preferences.

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