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Revolver Gallery Celebrates Andy Warhol’s Life

On the 30th Anniversary of Andy Warhol‘s passing, Revolver Gallery opened the doors of its new location in Santa Monica, California premiering their newest exhibition, “Andy Warhol:Revisited”. Curated by Revolver Gallery Owner, Ron Rivlin and Gallery Director, Korbin Coskey, the exhibit is a wall-to-wall, salon-style exhibition featuring over 200 artworks by Warhol spanning from the 60s through 80s.

The Revolver Gallery has the largest collection of Andy Warhol pieces in the world. The exhibition costs $400,000 to run but the exhibit is free to the public. Ron Rivlin did not open the Revolver Gallery in an attempt to make money. The idea is that he doesn’t want to take away the name of being a gallery where they do buy and sell art. But they are more importantly an education facility. When you enter the gallery there is no sales people and no pressure.

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Which started out as an interest in Andy Warhol, Ron Rivlin built a collection of Art that could fill a warehouse. He bought his first piece on December 8th, 2012 and by December 18th he owned four more. At the time that he purchased these works of art, they started at $50,000 a piece. With art being a great investment, Rivlin began to stack up on pieces. Within one year, Rivlin had over a hundred Andy Warhols. Rivlin became sort of an expert on Andy Warhol. He read books and watched documentaries, which he has instilled in his employees at the gallery. Not only are you able to view great Andy Warhols but you’re educated on the art and interesting facts about Warhol, which makes this more than an exhibit.

So if you’re interested in the Andy Warhol and the art culture make sure you go to the Revolver Gallery. It is currently open and is free to the public. The gallery will remain open until the end of May with the possibility of an extension.

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