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Review: Descente Technista Hybrid Tracksuit

In the words of Mariah Carey, “I’m not as casual as most people, but, umm, I guess I could be.” If someone were to ask me to describe my personal style, I’m sure my response would be similar to that. However, some tasks require a few casual, “athleisure” pieces to get the job done. For instance, I am a fitness junkie. I exercise six days a week and subsequently go through a good amount of workout and casual clothes doing so. Add my workout habits to my travel schedule and the general demands of daily life in one of the world’s busiest cities, and it’s safe to say that I definitely need a few pairs of pants and jackets that lend well to physical activity.

One of the problems is that there aren’t many brands that combine the functional aspects of athletic wear with the streamlined silhouettes of traditional menswear, which I tend to prefer.  Hence my excitement when I discovered Descente.  A Japanese company that originally produced clothing for high intensity outdoor activities, Descente now creates casual pieces as well.  

Photo: Gilbertson Cuffy

Descente offers an array of items from various collections. However, I particularly enjoy the Technista Hybrid pants and matching jacket from the brand’s Zero Limits collection. Aesthetically, the sleek, clean design of the pieces are enough to grab one’s attention. The functionality of both the jacket and pants were thoughtfully designed. The jacket, for example, features several zip pockets that provide the storage you need without distracting from its silhouette. I love neutrals, especially for casual wear, and the khaki color makes it appropriate not only for physical activity, but for other activities such as grabbing an informal lunch or traveling. Basically, it is a tracksuit made for the modern, professional man: understated, practical and stylish all at once.

But what about wearability, Aaron? I’m glad you asked. The first word that comes to mind is “light.” Descente’s brand motto is “design that moves,” and there is a certain weightlessness to the Technista Hybrid pieces that make them comfortable and easy to wear. Looking great with an element of ease is key to every stylish man’s playbook, especially in those cases where practicality needs to trump style. However, with these Descente items you definitely get both.

Photo: Gilbertson Cuffy

This post is sponsored by Descente Athletic Americas.


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