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Respected Roots, The Golden Standard in Men’s Grooming

Over the past few years, self-care has become a widely popular trend in our community. Our hair, our skin, the way we look, the way we smell and the impressions we leave on people are all things that once mattered, do matter and will continue to matter in the future. Trial and error is the only way to discover what’s best for your skin. We had the opportunity to try the products and must say, it is refreshing to have a product crafted specifically for us and it smells great. The founders of Respected Roots have created a company that gives every man something would be happy to use.

“The premise of Respected Roots was created to provide men of color with premium, natural-ingredient grooming products to enhance their skin, hair, & beard care. However, it is paramount to us to convey globally that men specifically black men are represented as innovators, & positive role models in their homes as well as their communities,” says Jason Hawkins, Co-Founder.

“We only use premium, natural ingredients in all of our formulas. We don’t believe in using inferior elements just to make an extra buck. Our customers trust us. We owe it to them to only supply them with quality products that improve their lives. We want Men and Women to feel like Kings and Queens from the moment they see our brand. Everything from our packaging down to our brand marketing is carefully considered to help convey the message ” You are a King / You are a Queen”. There are far too many negative images of ethnic people shown in the news and on social media. For us, it’s important for our people to feel good when they see our brand and when they use our products.” Jaret Patterson, co-founder.

Trust your instinct and try Respected Roots for yourself. To Learn More about Respected Roots Click Here


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