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Reserved Essential’s Fall/Winter 19/20 Collection Launches in Los Angeles

Reserved Essential, a streetwear brand inspired by skate culture, officially launched its latest collection during a private event held on December 11, 2019, in Los Angeles. Started by Mateo Berry, the brand’s latest collection was inspired by BMX biking and referenced themes associated with BMX culture.  

The collection featured a focused color pallet of black, gray, yellow and red and included clothing designed for a more casual lifestyle. Traditional denim jackets and pants were given a makeover, executed in tones of gray and covered in nature scenes in yellow hues. Bomber jackets were featured in several variations throughout the collection, including a bright red version with white and yellow accents. Berry combined the athleisure and puffer jacket trends creating a striking yellow jacket and pant set stamped with the phrase “Reservations are Now Closed – Staff,” playing on the brand’s name. However, the most interesting and striking piece of the collection had to be a tile patterned fur jacket in black, white and yellow.

In addition to the collection’s private launch, a public launch was also held that included custom installations resembling pieces from the line.  You can now explore and purchase pieces from the collection at Reserved Essential’s website.


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