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Everything You Need to Know Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom can take some time so planning everything in advance will help your dream bathroom become a reality. Bathrooms are often a place of relaxation in a busy, family home and a nice bathroom can really finish off a home. If you are looking to renovate your bathroom and transform the space, here is everything you need to know.

Working Out Your Priorities

Before you begin transforming your bathroom, you and your family need to work out your priorities. Are you renovating your bathroom as you only have a shower and want a bathtub? Has your family grown in size and you need a double basin? Your priorities will depend on what the bathroom is being used for. If you are renovating the family bathroom, you will need a lot more items than if you are renovating the guest toilet. Once you have discussed what you need in the room, think about what kind of space you want to achieve. Are you looking to recreate a haven to relax or are you a quick shower and go person? Once you have all this figured out, you can begin to think about your layout.

Developing a Layout

If your bathroom layout already works for you, then there is no need to change it. Doing this will just mean changing the plumbing system and this can cost a lot more. If you are expanding your bathroom or completely changing the look then try to keep the toilet and sink in the same place if possible. When developing a new bathroom layout, you will need accurate measurements. You can make use of an online tool to help you with this. If you want to make sure you maximize the space you have without spending a fortune, visit a local showroom and speak to one of the experts who may be able to provide some useful advice.

Set a Budget

If you have a budget in mind, you should finalize this before you begin searching for ideas. This will help you stick to your limit and look for options within your price range rather than finding yourself with a huge bill that you can’t afford and having to start over. Bathroom renovation costs can vary massively; a lot of the cost comes down to the size, where you purchase from, and what you choose to do yourself. If you want to save money on your bathroom renovation, check out these six great tips.

Search for Ideas

Choosing a style that you wish to go for will help to narrow down your options. There are plenty of home renovation magazines and websites where you can draw inspiration. It may also be worth checking out different stores near you that include show bathrooms. Looking at a range of different styles can help you decide what you really want. You may even decide to get products such as an acrylic splashback. Before choosing a store to purchase from, be sure to read customer reviews to ensure your bathroom will be finished to a high-quality standard.

Finding Tradespeople

You may need a few different tradespeople when renovating your bathroom. If you aren’t good at DIY, you could be looking at hiring plumbers, fitters, and decorators. Finding local people can help to cut costs down and some bathroom stores provide fitting as part of the service or for a small extra cost. If you are looking at a complete renovation, you will need an expert plumber who can help you to fit everything correctly so you can use your bathroom as soon as possible. For a list of local plumbers, click here.

Dealing with The Renovation

Depending on how big your renovation is in your bathroom, you could be looking at not having a toilet or shower for a few weeks. If you have a second bathroom then this is ideal but if not, then you need to have an alternative for when your toilet and shower is being replaced. You may want to use your local gym or a family or friends’ home. If you are good friends with your neighbors, it may even be worth discussing with them the possibility of using their bathroom occasionally.

Don’t forget to cover your floors and stairs, especially if you have workers coming in and out of your home. Renovating your bathroom starts with choosing what you need and setting a budget. Search around for styles you like before making a decision. Using local tradespeople could mean you pay less, and this is also a great way to support your community.

If you aren’t good at DIY, you could be looking at hiring plumbers, fitters, and decorators. When looking for plumbers, always go with a licensed plumbing & drain service company.

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