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Reggae star Mr. Vegas Releases His First Gospel Album Today

Mr. Vegas stunned the music world late last year with the announcement of his conversion to Christianity, just weeks after the release of his much-anticipated album, This Is Dancehall, which was recently listed by Billboard magazine as one of the Top 10 Reggae albums of 2016. Soul Therapy, his first gospel album, was released today, so we caught up with him to learn more about the album and how it feels to be a Gospel singer.

Was there anything specific in your life that motivated you to change to gospel music?

I have been doing gospel music throughout my career. I am now more fully devoted to putting out good positive music and Soul Therapy [is] a major step in that direction.

Your last album, This Is Dancehall, was one of the Top 10 Reggae albums of 2016. Do you feel pressure with jumping into another Genre and being able to top the charts on the gospel side?

I feel no pressure with doing gospel. I have done Reggaeton, Soca, Hip Hop Reggae, almost every genre. It is never pressure for me to take on new challenges, musically.

Why do you believe you have achieved more success overseas than in your hometown?

I think I am a very outspoken person and this may not sit well with some of my own people.  However, I do music for the whole world, not just Jamaica.

Soul Therapy is your new album. What can we expect from this album?

You can expect this album to touch your soul. You will be taken away by the silky vocals and musical sections for this album. Get your tissue.

Are there any gospel artists that inspired your new music?

Tasha Cobbs, Vashaun Mitchell and William McDowell are some of the gospel artists I get inspiration from.

With Soul Therapy, will there be any features?

The featured artists on Soul therapy are Glacia Robinson and Jason Edmond.

What can we look forward to from Mr. Vegas?

I will be doing a European tour in April. Then a Gospel tour to promote soul therapy album.

Soul Therapy

Download his new album Soul Therapy here and check out his Official music video for Nobody Greater below.


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