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Ray Edwards Jr. Talks Transitioning from NFL to Boxing, Fitness, and Fashion

Check out our interview with Boxer, Model, and Fitness Enthusiasts Ray Edwards Jr.

What sparked your interest in Boxing?

It was something I always had a passion for since I was a little kid. From watching guys like Mike Tyson, Roy Jones, Floyd Mayweather and Bernard Hopkins.

How was the transition been from NFL to Boxing?

It’s been tough as people don’t like you crossing over into their sport. For instance, with football, everything is pretty much set for you. You’re drafted to a team and you play for that team for however long you sign a contract for. But in boxing, it’s a dog eat dog world. You don’t know who’s with you or against you.

What is the difference in physical training for boxing as opposed to what you have done to prepare for the NFL?

The amount of cardio that is needed to perform at the elite level. In boxing, I was running 3-4 miles a day and in football, it’s more like a mile a day. But in football, the strength part is more strenuous as it requires more heavy lifting and in boxing, you can really get away with just a lot of calisthenics and resistance training.

Ray Edwards Jr 2

What is does a daily workout routine look like for your personal fitness?

  1. 5 am: I Do a 3-4 mile jog

  2. 7 am: Strength training lifting weights and high-intensity resistance training

  3. 10 am: Boxing training 6 rounds on the heavy bag, 6 rounds on the mitts, 6 rounds on the jump rope and 4 rounds on the speed bag

  4. 6 pm: Another cardio session and core

What would you describe as a healthy lifestyle, and what are your health practices that you feel people should adopt?

Find something you can consistently do every day whether it be push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, walking or jogging. Just be consistent. Have a balanced lifestyle eating and exercise. Relaxing i.e. hot baths, ice baths and massages as recovery is key. Most importantly enjoy the process. Find something you love doing and have fun staying healthy.

What advice do you give to men who want to become more fit?

Just be dedicated to making yourself better and completing any goal you have set.

What tips do have to stay mentally motivated on your health and fitness journey as well as your career journey?

Find what it is exactly you are looking to accomplish body type and don’t let anything stop you. For me, I always want to look better than the best I’ve ever felt I looked and most importantly I always want to be physically active with friends family and most importantly my children and to set a great example for them.

Where did your interest in Fashion come from?

Just wanting to look my best at all times and never look like everyone else. Also to set my own trends and to let people know it’s okay to step outside the box in your fashion statement and not follow the masses. We’re all unique and fashion is definitely a way to show that.

You also have a fashion line. What is True Ink and how did that come about?

True ink came about through just being the motivational person I am and I wanted a way to spread my wisdom to everyone.

What can we look forward to from Ray Edwards Jr.?

I’m looking to change the game in men’s underwear, crazy motivation shirts that bring about positivity in this world and completing all dreams and goals that come to mind.

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Photographer: Jarrett Demetre Lead Stylist: Shatonia Amee Productions Assistant Stylist: Tenasha Hussey


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