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Ramese Long Talks Mood Workouts, Your Body Being a Car and More Fitness Tips

Living a healthier and longer life has really become a trend in today’s world. From dieting to working out, everyone is trying to look their best and feel their best. We had the opportunity to speak with Celebrity Trainer, Ramese Long and he was able to fill us in on his new workout plan, Mood Workouts, treating your body like a car and fitness tips.

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What are The Mood Workouts?

The MOOD Workouts are online workouts designed to mentally coach you while you are exercising. The MOOD Workouts help you get out of the negative state of mind you may be experiencing at the time…to a more productive, energetic and positive frame of mind.

Where did your passion for fitness come from?

My passion for fitness has always been a part of me since high school, however, when life got the best of me and my good habits gradually turned to bad habits, resulting in a 70+ lb weight gain for me. Once I lost the weight, regained my confidence and positive outlook on life, I then realized the foundation of my body and life changes revolved around fitness which inspired to help others to never go down the same path.

How important is eating healthy?

I like to keep it simple and use common sense when it comes to fitness and that includes eating, which is the hardest struggle. Look at your body like a car. If you wash and detail the car every week but never open the hood, never change the oil and put cheap gas in your car, what result do you expect to get from your car? Think of your body the SAME way. Put junk in…get junk out. Period.

What are some tips for having better diet and nutrition?

Create momentum and don’t go from 1-10. If you’re eating plan consists of fast food, missing meals, drinking and sugar, there is no way you’re going to go from eating this way to healthy overnight. Start off by making small changes and that starts with your eating patterns/habits. There are 7 days in the week…focus on eating “healthier” 4 out of 7 days a week. Watch either your portion sizes, frequency of when you eat, carbs, late night snacking, drinking or all of the above. If you make small changes in some or all of these areas coupled with movement (exercise), then you are guaranteed to create momentum and start to create healthier eating habits.

There are so many statistics out there about weekly workout routines and how many times you should be working out. How many times should someone workout per day and per week?

There is not a perfect plan for everyone when it comes to how many days a week is required to workout. I keep it simple and tell my clients to “mentally visual” what they want to look like once they hit their goal. Next, I tell them to visualize that person walking down the street and then ask themselves, “how many days a week would you think that fit person you want to be would exercise in a week? 2 days week? 3? 4? 5? 6? 7?” Apply that answer to your current routine and you’re on your way to unlocking that visualization in your head. I like to keep it simple as long as you keep it moving!

What can we look forward to from Ramese Long?

Expect Ramese Long to continue on his mission to get as many people as possible to not complicate the fitness process but also understand that anything you do in life will not be hampered by exercising and getting healthier…but it will, in fact, improve everything you do physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

To sign up for the Mood Workouts click here.


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