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Raiders Gambling on Las Vegas

The Oakland Raiders have won a vote amongst all 32 owners to move the team to Las Vegas, 31-1. Yes, the team that made John Madden is moving out of California and into the penthouse. With owners Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft backing the vote there was no chance for Raiders owner Mark Davis to fail.

NFL Owners

Rober Kraft(right) and Roger Goodell(Left) at Owners meetings (AJ Mast/Associated Press)

In the hope that a new market and new 2 billion dollar stadium will be best for the team. Consequently, California is where the Raiders made their name, it’s part of their identity and Raider Nation lives and breathes for their team. Unlike most franchises that relocate, the Raiders are a good team. Being that Dereck Carr is a hand injury away from being a favorite in last years playoffs, the Raiders are still a young team with a seemingly bright future. Thus, it is strange as to the urgency at which the Davis & the NFL have pursued moving.

Malcolm Smith raises his fist in protest during the National Anthem last season (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)

Professional sports have long been uncomfortable with the idea of franchises in Vegas. In the past many leagues were afraid to be associated with the gambling and how it may affect their players. This is not the case with the pundits, however, who can be keen to find ways to put down their Pointsbet promo code and other gambling measures whilst surrounded by the charm of Vegas. However, as it currently stands there is a rule that prohibits current referees from entering the city. A rule that will need to be modified before the Raiders make their move.

Even with the NFL being the easiest sport to gamble on, the League still say that they’re against it with many fantasy football companies similar to DraftKings. The League is taking a huge potential risk in moving to Nevada and for the risk of tampering. The Raiders won’t be the only pro team playing in Vegas. The NHL has also started a franchise near the city as well.

At this time it is unclear as to when the team will officially make its departure. With the proposition of Oakland native, Marshawn Lynch, now in the fold at the very least next season will be exciting to watch.



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