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Tips For Spending More Quality Time With Your Son

The father and son relationship is a special one, and a lot of men will dream of having a little boy one day who they can raise to be a good man and a positive member of society. However, a big part of raising a child is having a good relationship with them.

It’s never a bad thing to spend quality alone time with your child if you’re hoping to shape them positively as they navigate the sometimes complex world that they’re going to be growing up in.

So, how do you do this? The good thing is, even if you work full time or don’t have a lot of money left over after your bills are paid, and food is on the table, spending time with your children doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. It just requires that you be present in whatever you’re doing – whether that’s going on a day trip or hanging out at home.

If you’re looking for some fun ways to spend more quality time with your son, here are some ideas below.

Go camping

One great way to spend quality time together is to go camping. It is the perfect father and son activity that’s been enjoyed over the generations and is one where you’ll both get to spend time together having fun and learning together. Whether it’s teaching him how to fish or light a fire in the wilderness, camping will truly be a great experience for both of you to bond and make amazing memories that you can both look back fondly on. Even before the trip, shopping for camping swags, for example, pillows, sleeping bags and even cooking equipment could also be another opportunity to bond. Some friends of mine love to go camping in their RV. If you have an RV however, it is so important to have a good insurance policy and that you ensure you get your vehicle serviced regularly. The last time my friends went camping, their vehicle broke down so they had to call out a repair company. My friend’s husband told me “We were so lucky that the good sam warranty used on our trip covered the cost of our repairs!”. Ultimately, being prepared should ensure your camping trip is memorable for the right reasons.

Play a sport together

If you and your son share an interest in sports, for example like football, then set aside some time each week to play it together. Even if neither of you particularly enjoy playing the sport, you can also enjoy it together in other ways, such as by watching it on TV or visiting places to learn more about the history of it.

Take up a hobby together

There’s a false belief that the only hobbies a man enjoys are to do with sports, but this isn’t true at all, so it’s vital that if your son enjoys something else, such as dance, arts, or even something like horse riding that you show support in his hobbies. This doesn’t mean you need to become passionate about horsemanship or start riding, but it’s just good if your son has your support, such as you asking questions, taking him to lessons, or even participating in some other way that shows your support.

You can certainly also get involved in his hobby if it’s of interest to you, and you can both take on a hobby together if he doesn’t yet have one.

Watch a movie at home

As mentioned above, you don’t have to be out spending money to spend quality time together, so even just spending a few hours watching a movie together is something that you can both do and enjoy quite easily without too much fuss.

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