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QG’s Winter Jacket Top Picks

You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t had to endure the arctic blast that we’ve been experiencing in the U.S. It’s been so cold that iguanas were falling from the trees in Florida. Now that’s cold! We want to make sure you stay warm and fashion forward out there so we’ve chosen some winter jackets that are sure to make a fashion statement even in the frigid temperatures. We also wanted to introduce you to some designers and brands that you might not be familiar with. Get winter ready below.

El Velvet describes themselves as a luxury brand and it was first made and designed in London. Lucky for you shopping via their website is an option. We think their men’s Hunter Japanese Camo jacket is stylish and on trend. We initially spotted the “Roll in Peace” rapper, Kodak Black sporting the look on the Shaderoom’s Instagram as the Florida rapper was keeping warm while visiting Chicago. The traditional camo is on sale for $78.39 while the blue camo is going for $94.61,if you’re looking to add some color to your winter wardrobe. Go for the camo winter look at elvelvet.com

What are some of your favorite looks from our list?

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