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QG’s Favorite Celebrity Halloween Looks

So Halloween is here and of course, we had to round up some of our favorite costumes. Some guys might be too cool to do a head to toe costume but not these guys and we are definitely here for all of the festive fun.

This is clearly the season of “IT”. LeBron James decided to dress up as Pennywise, the terrifying clown from the movie. He definitely committed to this look. The costume and the makeup completely transformed the Cleveland Cavaliers star player. Let’s just say if we saw the 6’8 gentleman dressed as this creepy clown, we might be inclined to run the other way.

TV personality/actor Terrence J was out and about dressed as the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. His beau, Jasmine Sanders, stayed within the Oz theme by dressing as Dorothy. This cool guy finished off his look with a pair of tan colored sneakers. Definitely a fashion evolution from the film. Lol

Trey Songz went as so many people’s favorite Halloween villain, Freddy Krueger. You know the guy who terrorized teenagers in their dreams. Well we know Trey is known for giving his fans sweet dreams so this look is not a total departure from the singers real life. Not sure if people would be running from or to this crooner. Nightmare on Trey street might not be terrifying for all.

Of course, we had to add one of the NBA’s most stylish players, Russell Westbrook. When he’s not gracing the cover of magazines or putting out Style books he’s keeping it festive. This Halloween he decided to dress as a beekeeper. This look was different and family oriented. Looks like he caught himself the best bee ever, his adorable son who complemented his look very well might we add.

Another NBA player who is not afraid to dress up and have a little fun is Dwayne Wade. Wade along with wife Gabrielle Union decided to dress as 80s music duo Milli Vanilli. We have to say Wade nailed this look with braids and fake Grammy award in tow. This was by far the most comical look of all the gentleman.

Everyone’s favorite morning show is Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. Two/thirds of the crew, Dj Envy and Charlamagne tha God dressed as Batman and Black Panther. These two always have fun on the radio and it was cool to see them commit to such serious looks. Of course, Dj Envy kept it cool by throwing some sneakers on with his fit being the sneakerhead he is. Charlamagne was covered from head to toe as the Black Panther. We really like these costumes!

What are some of your favorite looks and what are you dressing up as tonight.


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