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QG Model of the Week: Sam Norris

This weeks QG Model is Sam Norris. He is not just a man, he’s a Gentleman. Check out why he is our Quintessential Gentleman Model of the Week!

Sam Norris


Sam Norris


Indianapolis, IN


Critical Incident Responder in Aviation

Career Goals:

My career goals are simply to continue enhancing my knowledge in strategic investing, become a full-time humanitarian and full-time family man.

Sam Norris 2


Outdoor & Water sports, Traveling, Volunteering, Exploring new culture, new ideas, new parts of the world.

Favorite Vacation Destination(s):

Australia, The Caribbean Islands, Europe,

What does a Quintessential Gentleman mean to you:

A Quintessential Gentlemen is one who captivates curiosity and ignites a soul of imagination into a body of reality. Someone who is looked up to by many, but who does not look down upon others. A gentleman who holds great mysteries to be explored but has no secrets to hide. One who allows his vivid dreams to illuminate as a light for the world and whose generosity stands as an example to the people. A man who motivates through his eyes, inspires with the tone of his voice, and propels action through his own doing.

Instagram handle:


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