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QG Model of the Week: Khemanii Richie

This weeks QG Model is Khemanii Richie. He is not just a man, he’s a Gentleman. Check out why he is our Quintessential Gentleman Model of the Week!


Khemanii Richie Hometown:

Bronx, New York (The Best Ever)


Male Model and Actor

Career Goals

My career goals are to become a very successful Male Model, make lasting impressions and relationships with agencies, companies, and secure big endorsement deal with major companies. 


My hobbies are very simple: I don’t play sports but I will do some damage on the PS4 playing wrestling and racing video games

Favorite Vacation Destination(s):

I am Jamaican, so of course, my favorite vacation destination would definitely be Jamaica. Other destinations that I would love to go to would be Cuba, St. Maarten, Turks and Caicos, Mexico and last but not least Paris.

What does a Quintessential Gentleman mean to you:

To me, a Quintessential Gentleman means someone with impeccable taste in style and swag. Someone who’s appearance exudes perfection with no faults at all.

Instagram handle:

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