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QG Model of the Week: Jamon’e La’Pree

This weeks QG Model is not just a man, he’s a Gentleman. Check out why he is our Quintessential Gentleman Model of the Week!


Name: Jamon’e La’Pree

Hometown: TwentyNine Palm, CA / Tacoma, WA

Occupation: Banker/ Model/ Actor


Hobbies: On my spare time, I like to try new restaurants that may be around me. I get tired of eating the same food all the time. I am also a big music fan. I will sit and listen to an artists’ entire album to really get into their vibe of music instead of just the singles that the radio plays off. I like to draw stuff for the fun of it because 1/10 times it turns out kinda cool but I am in no way, shape or form a good drawer.

Favorite Vacation Destination: My favorite destination so far has been to Honolulu, Hawaii. It’s not as luxurious as tv makes it seem but it’s so beautiful and has this unique smell in the air that just makes you appreciate everything thats going on around you. I hiked into the rain forest to get to the waterfalls and man IT POURED the whole time in the there but it was amazing. I didn’t complain one single bit. I will be taking a trip to PuertoRico in a couple months so we will see how that turns out.

Why I want to be the QG Model of the Week: I want to be the QG model of the week because I feel that most people in this world have a certain perception of what they think a model is or the lifestyle that we live but it’s a lot different than most think. I put a lot of effort into showing people that being a model isn’t just about looking good, at least not for me. I feel that being a model also comes with being a role model that many look up to and watch my every move. I do my best to put out the best energy into the universe as possible. You get out what you put in and I strongly believe this. This life is about being yourself and learning to be happy no matter what level, phase, or situation of life you may be in.

Social Media: @Blatino_LaPreee


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