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QG Model of the Week: Darius Martin

This weeks QG Model is not just a man, he’s a Gentleman. Check out why he is our Quintessential Gentleman Model of the Week!

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Occupation: Solution specialist at Verizon 

Hobbies: Working out, spending time with friends, cooking, training, jump roping, hiking, anything outdoors.

Favorite Vacation Destination: Anywhere in the mountains.

Why I want to be the QG Model of the Week: To be quintessential means to have a certain level of perfection! I’m nowhere near perfect but I embody the the aspects of a gentlemen! So I wanted to be the model of the week to show that even if you don’t have it all, ANYONE, can make whatever they want to come alive just by working with the half you got! NO ONE IS PERFECT! 

Instagram: Mar.V.Ale

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