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Psycho Bunny Pops Up at Rothman’s

Yesterday, New York-based brand Psycho Bunny opened its pop-up at menswear clothing store Rothman’s. The atmosphere can be best described as a cozy hangout spot – good music, good food, and great company – an appropriate aesthetic for the brand itself. Founded in 2005 by Robert Godley and Robert Goldman, Psycho Bunny is a brand committed to designing clean and chic menswear, both classic in design through their collection of polo shirts, swim trunks, and neckties and modern/youthful through an array of bright colors.

Psycho Bunny 2

Set in the center of the room was the Psycho Bunny collection; a wall of neatly stacked polo in colors varying from pastel blue to rich coral, and a section of new graphic tee shirts done in collaboration with muralist James Goldcrown. Goldcrown himself was painting a new mural, titled “Love Wall,” outside of Rothmans during the opening, which will be displayed outside of the store for the duration of the pop-up.

The clothing itself, categorized as “fun preppy” by several event attendees, showcases the designers’ recognition of the shifts in menswear and the demand for expansion. “Men are more fashion conscious than before, society has allowed us to do so” explains Mateo, another attendee. Psycho Bunny’s fresh take on menswear classics allows men to dip into more expressive wardrobe options and opens the door for a greater interest in fashion itself. The appealing designs were not lost on attendee Uniique who noted, “Everything is clean but fashionable for young guys, and at a good price” and would, “drag her boyfriend” to the store sometime soon.

Psycho Bunny’s pop up at Rothmans will go on June 1st to July 6th. Click here to Shop!

Interviewed attendees: @uniiqu3music | @mateoxpalacio


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