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Proposing at a Sporting Event … Yay or Nay?

Sporting events are thrilling experiences that can seem like the perfect opportunity to add a once in a lifetime moment to. I have a very strong opinion on this but before I attempt to sway you soon to be engaged gentlemen, I’ll be fair and go over the pros and cons.



If you want a huge crowd and thousands of people cheering you on then this is the proposal for you. I can’t think of many other opportunities you would have to be surrounded by that many people in one place. If you’ve got the extra cash or your timing is right you can get on the jumbo screens for maximum effect.

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She’s into Sports

This is a great proposal option if your lady is into sports as much as you are. If watching sports and going to events is a part of your relationship, then this is a super sweet way of proposing. You’ll not only win for finally proposing but you’ll also show off how well you know her and value the time you spend together doing something you both love.

Bonus points if the team playing is one that you hate but she loves!

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Element of Surprise

You can still pop the question at a sporting event even if your soon-to-be-fiancé isn’t a sports buff because it’s the perfect way to disguise your plans. She won’t see it coming! You’ll have the perfect excuse to get her out of the house without looking suspicious and when the time comes it will probably be the last thing she was expecting.


Not that Original

At this point, this type of proposal has been done – a lot! So if you’re looking to be original, this isn’t the way to go. Not to mention there are so many factors involved that could cause it to go south really quickly. You’re going to be nervous, would have to time it perfectly and there’s not much space to get down on one knee – and that is key!

You Better be Sure…

She’s gonna say yes or you will become an everlasting meme/GIF! With all those people watching you better be confident you’re getting a yes! Not only that but you have to make sure you don’t fumble the words or drop the ring.

Too Easy

If you ask me, this type of proposal is too easy. It requires little to no effort on the planning and thoughtfulness aspect. Women dream of this moment and the details are important to us so it’s not the best option – unless you can add a totally original or personalized element.


Yes, it will be in front of a huge, cheering crowd; but they’re all strangers. Most women (not all) would love to be proposed to in front of a big crowd of your friends and family to celebrate the occasion. It would be pretty difficult and expensive to get all your family and friends to witness the proposal at the event- unless you knew the game was live and arranged a nearby location for friends and family to watch all together and be joined by the two of you later. That extra tip would turn this into a PRO on my list.

So if you’re paying attention you can probably tell that I say NAY to sporting event proposals. I’m not saying she’ll say no if you propose at one, no matter how you ask it will be memorable and she will surely appreciate you. But for all the reasons above, I think there are so many other ways to propose that are much more thoughtful, exciting and personalized.

Comment below on your favorite proposal ideas!


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