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Propose with One Ring and Then Design Another

It’s wedding season and you are now making good on all those Save-The-Dates you received last fall. After attending wedding after wedding, your girlfriend is getting anxious to see when you are going to propose. But where do you start? The ring, of course! But what does she like? Big ring, small ring, big diamond, simple, complex…which one? What if you could propose with one ring and have her choose her actual ring later? Well Abby Sparks, owner of Abby Sparks Jewelry, talks to us about the Loaner Ring Program.

What inspired you to come up with the Loaner Ring Program?

My inspiration for the Loaner Ring was/is real men who come into my office every day and really struggle with creating their future wife’s “dream ring”, essentially without her input.  Every single one of my clients desperately wants to give his love the ring of her dreams, but he simply doesn’t know what that is.  And he wants to surprise her on bended knee.  He wants to be gentlemen and honor tradition, as well.  Men have been getting down on their knee for thousands of years, and he wants to do the proposal perfectly. He wants her to feel honored, considered, loved, and cherished, and so he wants to manage the ring and proposal on his own without her initial input in order to keep it a surprise.  He wants to give his lady the engagement ring of her dreams, but he simply has no idea what that actually is. Many times too, he does have some general direction on her ring, but still, there are many details that he still doesn’t know, so it makes it hard to create the “perfect” ring for her all on his own.  And engagement rings are a lot of money!  Naturally, he wants to get it ‘right’ and make her dreams come true.

What are the benefits of the Loaner Ring Program?

The Loaner Ring solves a man’s problem of not knowing what his lady wants (for her engagement ring) but also gets him engaged on his own terms. The benefits are that he pops the question with the element of surprise as well as proposes where and when he wants.  He also saves himself time, anxiety about determining what he thinks is her ‘perfect’ ring, and just general risk and stress about designing her ring. Oftentimes too, he might be short on time.  When a woman knows she’s found the right man, it gets a lady excited to spend the rest of her life with him!  He can quickly grab an Abby Sparks Loaner Ring and get the job done ASAP. After the proposal, his lady gets to be involved in the process of creating her ring to ensure that she gets exactly what she wants, namely, her forever dream ring. And he gets to pay for *exactly* what she wants without the risk of error.  Really, the Loaner Ring meets both his needs and her wants. Another benefit is that we do all the work for our clients in that our Loaner Ring package includes a very small ring box to make it inconspicuous and pocket-friendly, a mini bottle of champagne, 2 champagne flutes, celebratory champagne candies, and a nameless bag for carrying everything. After all, we wouldn’t want a name on the bag to ruin the engagement story!

Are there different spending levels of Loaner Ring Options?

Our Abby Sparks Loaner Ring is a one-stop shop and to date, there are not different spending levels for the Loaner Ring. It’s a simple solitaire ring with a 2 carat stone at a flat rate of $500. There are no design options because its a temporary ring! Our Loaner Ring is a placeholder to get you engaged and get her some sparkle to wear as a placeholder ring while we create her dream ring. Our custom engagement ring, of which she will help design, range in price as it depends on stone type, stone size, metal type and overall design.

Learn about the Loaner Ring Process Below.

Loaner Ring Program

Click here to get started with the Loaner Ring Program!


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