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Presidential Hopefuls receive All Star Nominations

If you think you know who will be the 45th President of the United States, you may want to wait a little closer to the election date. Last night some exciting support has come out for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Ben Carson has officially endorsed Donald Trump this morning. This may come as a surprise as Trump and Carson has had it out during their fight for the Republican Bid. Carson says that both him and Trump have “buried the hatchet” and “it’s not about the republican party or the democratic party it’s about the people of America”. Trump is increasing his popularity in the polls and now with this recent endorsement he will gain major support from Carson’s own following.

Click here to see MSNBC’s video of Ben Carson endorsing Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton has had her own major endorsement and it came in the form of a Television commercial during ABC’s TGIT. During Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhimes and her “Thank God It’s Thursday” leading ladies showed their support of Hillary Clinton.

Ellen Pompeo (Greys Anatomy), Kerry Washington (Scandal), and Viola Davis (How To Get Away With Murder) all pledged their support for the Democratic Presidential Hopeful Hillary Clinton. Shonda Rhymes says “I make television filled with the kind of characters that I imagine we all can be” and the lovely ladies all say “The real world has Hillary Clinton”.

This was a huge commercial that was aired at the right time to the right audience. I am sure this will definitely show up in Clintons numbers in the upcoming polls. The commercial was directed by Tony Goldwyn, the actor who plays Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal.

Checkout the 60 second commercial below!

[wpvideo jCVbDdWj] What do you think of the endorsements?

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