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Potential Paul George Trade Shows Sixers Want to Compete

The Philadelphia 76ers have, for the past few years, been a team in waiting. Waiting for that superstar player to come and restart their franchise. In Joel Embiid they have that potential but have been waiting for his health to turn their way. They’ve been waiting t0 get the number one pick and got it with Ben Simmons. Although, now they are waiting on him to recover from a foot injury.

The Sixers are no longer going to wait around for their franchise player. Earlier Zach Lowe of ESPN reported that the Sixers and 3 other teams had made significant offers for Paul George at the trade deadline. Accordingly, this started the conversation amongst those following the team as too what they could have offered.

Just a few hours later Kyle Neubeck of the Liberty Ballers reported that the Sixers offered Robert Covington, two first round picks, and one of their big men. Neubeck reports that sources had differing opinions on the big men offered by the Sixers.

With the roster the Sixers have, George would fit well next to a healthy Simmons & Embiid. Even though Simmons will likely be the Sixers primary ball handler, George shows remarkable ability off ball. As a two-way player and Embiid at Center the Sixers would already have the foundation for a stellar defense.

This of course is just a report but it should be a sign for Sixers fans to rejoice. Above all, almost a year removed from the Sam Hinkie resigning, the team has taken steps forward this season. Going into the summer, George’s trade value will only go down, assuming the Pacers listen to offers. If they do, the Sixers are set to be one of the most capable teams to make a trade for George. Although the reports of George’s interest of playing in L.A must be taken into consideration in any George trade.

He’s a four time all-star that has shown to be on any given night the best player on the floor. He’s a star thats capable of playing with other great players. With a multitude of picks, losing two won’t cripple them like it did to the New York Knicks when they traded for Carmelo Anthony. George’s presence could lift this young roster into the playoffs.

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All things considered, the only chance the Sixers have at a legit star in the immediate future is via trade. As it stands right now, George appears to be the only star on the market. Even with that George is one of the few available stars who is young enough to fit into their timeline. Trading for George is a risk but not enough of a risk that the Sixers shouldn’t shoot their shot.

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