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PopBliss Creates a Popup Wedding Experience

Wedding ceremonies have been around for ages and as the years go by they get more exciting and detailed. From the wedding gowns, music choices, theme and overall aesthetics, there is so much that goes into a wedding. Some of my friends recently got married in New York. Their big day was so special and the photographs turned out great. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, click to Find out more about Olga Topchii, wedding photographer New York. There was a time where men would sit back and tell their fiancés to just tell them where they need to stand and what they need to do. It’s 2018 and even men are interested in the details of the wedding and need to make sure that this ceremony is up to their standards. But let’s be honest, planning a wedding is one of the biggest events of your life (especially if you only do it one time). What if you could have an amazing wedding and just show up. Would you be okay with that? I’m sure there are some control freaks that may object, but there are some people who just want to show up. Welcome, PopBliss, a luxe popup wedding experience like no other who has been named the uber of weddings. Recently, six couples in Atlanta participated in a PopBliss wedding experience that allowed for each couple to have an amazing wedding day!

Racquel Kristi, Founder of PopBliss says, “The allure of PopBliss™ is the secrecy of how the three-day extravaganza unfolds. When the sites, itineraries, surprises and wedding locations were finally revealed, everyone was thrilled. The events included their Couples Event, Wedding Toast Soiree, Bliss Brunch, a Glam suite and a Dress Reveal moment. It was fabulous!” Check out what else Racquel had to say about a popup wedding experience.

How did you come up with the idea for multi-couple weddings?

After being in the wedding industry for a number of years, I began feeling like I was one in a million within the industry. It was a buyers market where clients had power in negotiating and selecting which wedding planner they wanted to work with despite their experience level or even resorting to Pinterest or DIY solutions. I considered leaving the industry but had a dream one night that basically became what is now known as PopBliss. From the conception of the idea, I thought having multiple weddings on the same day would maximize our ability to work with more clients. Through time, as the idea expanded I found myself gaining the excitement for my industry again because of the ability to be creative once more. With that creative spark, the concept grew nightly and is now a Luxe Popup Wedding with multiple couples over multiple days. I am excited to continue to expand on the unique idea and carve a new space in the wedding industry that not only celebrates the wedding but also the marriage!

How do you maintain the mystery when planning these extravagant moments?

We are very protective over what is known about each celebration. The base and backbone of PopBliss is the mystery and the suspense for the couples so we do all we can to protect that portion of our celebration so that it does not disappoint our couples. We have everyone sign NDA’s which includes all vendors, sponsors, staff, couples, and guests. We also disclose information about the event as needed. There are vendors participating that do not know the location until 72hrs before the event. It is a constant reminder to everyone to keep details under lock and key. We also love keeping the couples and guests on their toes by having them guess where they think the locations will be, or who will be participating, etc. There is nothing better than when the couples and guests tell us that they recognize a celebrity vendor from social media or a TV show or that our wedding locations were dream locations for them.

As we know weddings are supposed to be special days for couples, how do you ensure that each couple has memories they can forever cherish?

Although many areas of our event are shared in the joint celebration, we are sure to have isolated moments for each couples so that they feel like all eyes are on them. During our on-boarding process, our couples work with members of our team to gather details related to their personalities, likes and dislikes, and stories about their relationship. We use those details to create surprise moments within the celebration they do not expect so that it is a special moment for them but also a shared moment with others. Each couple also takes their own separate walk down the aisle to exchange vows and has a special couple dedication dance during the reception. We include many others personalized moments within PopBliss so that couples don’t feel they are dividing their day but multiplying the love and their new relationship with everyone in attendance. Many of our couples tell us that when they first considered PopBliss they felt there would be a sense of competition but once being a part of the experience they feel a togetherness and a union with the others couples. They cheer each other on, speak to each other daily and celebrate milestones with one another.

Photo Credit: Andre Brown

Men are becoming increasingly interested in their weddings and are not leaving it up to the bride. What were the perspectives of the grooms for this type of wedding arrangement?

Men are very much a part of the wedding planning process these days. For PopBliss, men seem to be the make or break when it comes to deciding if this path is right for their relationship. We realize that men not only want to be a part of the financial process but also upholding their beliefs and families expectations. The men of PopBliss have expressed that the experience is a “no-brainer” for them because it is easy. This option eliminates the stress that they see their fiancé go through which in turns eliminates the stress they go through. Also, they find great value in the overall experience. PopBliss wedding packages are all under the national average of $30K for weddings and include not only the wedding day but also at least 5 others events within 3 days leading up to the wedding day plus hotel, transportation, glam/dapper services and much more. The expansion of their wedding being from one day to 3 days plus the bonus of getting acquainted with others couples who will become friends is priceless.

What is your overall goal for PopBliss and what does the future of PopBliss Look like?

PopBliss is a celebration lifestyle brand that embraces the evolving climate of our future by taking the traditions of hospitality and rearranging it to fit modern day lifestyles. Through demographic focused partnerships, social interaction and innovative event concepts; PopBliss focuses on the communal growth of nurturing healthy relationships, marriages, families, and self-esteem. We strive on true human connections to break down barrios as our motto is ‘There is one thing the world has in common, we all have a reason to celebrate’.

The future of PopBliss is exciting! We plan to grow Club Bliss which is our couples club for the Blissers who have gotten married or renew vows with PopBliss, by hosting retreats, vacations, family services and much more. We are gearing up to also begin hosting PopBliss 4x a year in the near future. We also are premiering PopBliss Proposals in 2019!

How does one become involved in PopBliss? How do you choose the couples?

The process is simple, the first step is to visit our website and send in your submission. We select couples on a revolving basis so there is never a bad time to submit for the next celebration. Our PopBliss committee gathers and views the video and carefully watches for signs that we feel would be a match for the celebration. It is important the couples bond well together but also are very different from one another. We then alert each couple of their winning a position within the celebration and the official PopBliss onboarding process begins! Countdown to Bliss Week!

What can we look forward to from PopBliss?

Many more unions, out of the box ideas, tons of fun and uniting many different walks of life through love and community. We are excited to introduce PopBliss Proposals and our next PopBliss celebration. Registration is now open for both!

Photo credit: Kesha Lambert

Congratulations to couples Leonard M. Terry & Crystal M. Goodwin; Derick V. Newton & Nikki N. Wood; Tarah J. Newel & Frances (“Free”) L. Palmese; Devon Barton & Regina Haliburton; Nathan Gilmer & Precious Stevens; and LaNail R. Plummer & Maegan C. Marcano.

For more information on PopBliss, click here.

Feature Image Photo Credit: Kesha Lambert


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