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Plum, The First Super-Automatic Wine Appliance is Unveiled in NYC

Last night, Plum unveiled the first super-automatic wine appliance at David Bouley Test Kitchen in Manhattan. Plum is changing the wine-by-the-glass experience with one simple pour.  This is more than a storage for your wine, more than a wine dispenser, its the new way to grab a glass of wine. A sophisticated marriage of haute technology and elegant design, Plum automatically identifies the wine, individually chills each bottle, and preserves the wine so it can be enjoyed one glass at a time.

“Wine has not kept up with our lifestyles. Most of us want to enjoy a glass of wine after work, pair a glass of wine with food, or be a great host and offer guests an option of red or white,” said David Koretz, Founder & CEO, Plum.  “Too often I found myself not finishing a bottle and pouring oxidized wine down the drain, or not opening the bottle at all because I didn’t want to waste it. So I created Plum to enable wine lovers to enjoy the perfect glass of wine. Their wine collection, on their terms.”

During the event everyone drank wine, ate food prepared right in front of them and saw a demonstration of Plum. Check out how Plum works below. Plum is now available online today at for $1,499.

How Plum Works


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