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Play Your Part Partner

I hope everyone had a great week. Today I wanted to touch on mutual partner support. I’m always getting asked about how much support is too much support in a relationship. Even this past week I spoke to a young lady that is a nurse and her boyfriend was a mechanic. He left that role two years ago to pursue a music career.

Now, I’m all for people pursuing their dreams, but I think there really should be a serious step by step plan put in place to achieve that goal/dream. There also needs to be a deadline to see results otherwise you may need to rethink your strategy.

One of my friends is a nurse, and after completing her degree at Regis College, she decided to end her relationship with her partner. He was not pulling his weight around the house and so the decision was made that the relationship had run its course. She has gone on to enjoy huge success in her nursing career and has even started dating someone new recently. Sometimes your career has to come first.

As for the couple I spoke to this week, in this particular relationship the girlfriend agreed to work overtime in order to make up for the money lost by the boyfriend not working. She told me that at first everything was great because they made a plan and he was diligently following it until he slowly started getting comfortable being able to stay home. She mentioned that when they first agreed on this plan he would take care of the house chores. Three months into this plan he was not doing his part. She was working overtime consistently, and then having to come home, clean the house and cook! She stated that she feels drained and under appreciated.

I simply believe that when a couple agrees to embark on a new endeavor they should know what their individual responsibilities are so that there is no confusion. If either one of the partners fail to keep up their part of the deal then the remaining partner should no longer be held accountable to their duties either. I advised her to insist that he picks his job back up as a mechanic if he is unwilling to clean the house and do other duties that were agreed to previously.

That’s simply not fair to her to do everything while he just reaps the benefits. A major part of love is being considerate. People in relationships need to always look out for the well being of their partner. Your partner should never feel like they are working alone, dreaming alone or growing alone. Your partner is either playing their part, or you’re getting played.

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