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“PIMP” The Movie Starring Keke Palmer

Sexuality, a tool that is possessed by all, however, when the inability to effectively use the capacity of its power can eventually lead to a life of destitute. Often times men’s sexuality is attributed to strength and is valued and praised as such on a hierarchy scale that has been established since the dawn of time. And many times women are marginalized for exuding the same strength and is subjected to a price. A price being a number for their self-worth, a number of social stature, and also a number simply devoted to their relevancy in the workplace (or hustle).

Hyper-masculinity is innate and we try our hardest to suppress the notion and not fall into the hype of it. We spend a lifetime battling, competing and playing the pissing game with one another but never considering the cause or effect that this ideology has had on us as a child, in addition to our environmental upbringing. But what if you’re a woman raised to think like a man? In the Lee Daniels and Christine Crokos executive produced film, Pimp, we bare witness to the price paid as a result of sexualization and the gender role from a female pimp who’s forced to live the fast life.

Pimp, stars Keke Palmer as the wishful dreamer yet struggling female lead, Wednesday, the self-made pimp who’s burden with looking after her drug-addicted mother in hopes of building her own empire while in the pursuit of love after the death of her father, played by DMX. Without giving too much away, I came to the conclusion that the overall tone of this film deals with philophobia and the outside noises that society pressures us into accepting as a substitute for love.

Keke’s phenomenal portrayal as this survivalist added depth to Wednesday’s character which gave rise to an unconventional heroine, contrary to my prejudgement. The lengths she goes through when love is no longer an available option is a detrimental experience which in a nutshell had her roaming the streets selfishly until she decides to open her heart again.  

I can go on and on discussing this film in relations to philophobia from various characters, however, I don’t want to ruin the plot so be sure to check out the Pimp on Nov 9th and let us know your thoughts.

Check out the trailer below.


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