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Pharrell Williams and G-Star Elwood X25

As many of our readers know Pharrell Williams will be the first male in a handbag campaign for Chanel coming out in April. Well, that’s not all the singer/producer turned “fashionisto” has in store. From collaborations with Adidas to G-Star Raw, we would have to say this guy is pretty busy.

G-Star 4

Williams and G -Star RAW are joining forces to commemorate the 3D G-Star icon. This meeting of the minds is not surprising considering that Williams is the Head of Imagination for G-Star.

G-Star 3

Via High Snobiety:

“For Spring/Summer 2017, Pharrell Williams and G-Star RAW are reinterpreting the 3D G-Star icon that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016, courtesy of the new G-Star Elwood X25 campaign. The project is in turn a translation of unrestrained self-expression captured in 25 prints, curated by Pharrell and drawing inspiration from original checks, camouflages and traditional patterns from all over the world.

‘The 25 prints are an expression of true creativity,” says Pharrell. “They give the wearer the freedom to choose for themselves, and by doing so, empower them to decide who they want to be and what they want to wear.’

To showcase the collection, we find Williams and model/artist Marte Mei van Haaster in a vibrant industrial and pastoral scenario, further bringing the spirit of the campaign to life.”

G-Star’s website describes the collection as the original 3D Denim in 25 daring prints. “With check, came and traditional motifs from the world over, each print has been handpicked by Pharrell Williams and layers with references, straight from the G-Star archive.

G-Star 2

We’ve shown you a few of our favorite looks from the collaboration now head over to G-Star’s website and tell us your favorite prints.


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