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Pharrell Collaborates With Adidas For His “Human Race” NMD Variation

Leave it to Adidas, one of the top global leaders in the sporting good industry, to team up with arguably one of the most fashionably innovative rappers of all time, to create yet another NMD variation for the world to ponder on.

Furthermore, leave it to said musician to take the platform to dexterously pair fashion footwear with highly controversial issues, that has our nation divided in the most charmingly neutral way possible.


Adidas introduces “HU” its newest and most sought after variation of NMD, a sneaker inspired by the one and only Pharrell ‘Skate Board P’ Williams, and his vision to connect with all people.

Williams has always been undeniably equal in his ability to set trends in fashion just as much as music. From being one of the first seen celebrity’s rocking Capri tuxedo sets on the red carpet to arguably being crowned as the official trendsetter of the 2014 fedora hat trend. (We all remember when the fedora took over. There was no denying almost every quintessential gentlemen at some point appreciated the quirky class of the fedora)!


Pharrell is no stranger to speaking out on social controversies, while using his platform to spread positivity everywhere he goes. His past positivity endeavors include building his very own all-female band from his last “Dear Girl” tour with an “I Am Other” theme focused on the differences in women that make them special. The tour featured a diverse group of female singers and dancers who reached out to other female fans in each city, helping them to embrace their differences. Pharrell also released the chart topping single ‘HAPPY’, which had its own positive platform alone, reaching No. 1 in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and many other countries. It was the best-selling song of 2014 and with 6.45 million copies sold in the US alone, it became the most successful song of 2014 totaling 13.9 million in sales. The song focused on maintaining happiness despite the many negative social and political negatives of the world.


Continuing his mission to connect all people, there is no surprise that Williams decided to boldly place “Human Race” down the length of the sneaker, in a well desperately needed time of remembrance that we are all, in fact, one human race. The shoe literally meets the Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, and Police Lives Matter movements straight down the middle, at cleverly perfect timing, as the social divide spreads seemingly wider day by day. In a perfectly neutral way, Williams uses fashion to bring together all genders, cultures and ethnicities with something we can all agree on, a very stylish shoe!

With a very slight variation of the NMD smooth, sporty silhouette, Williams combines a full boost midsole, bold yellow, red, blue and green color block, his unique three stripes logo at the heel and a super cool cage rope lace. This is a shoe no man, woman, Asian, Latino, Black nor Caucasian can resist! If it’s one thing we all set aside social difference to agree on, it’s that these shoes are HOT!


Williams in his own smooth charming way, uses fashion to somehow get us literally wearing the positive reminder that we are simply all one race: the human race.

Adidas just released news that these newest additions will make their first premier with the yellow and black version on July 22 at select retailers, including Billionaire Boys Club flagship stores. It will follow with official availability at all Adidas Original Flagship Stores August 25th, selling at $250.00. More pairs are expected to be released in a multitude of color options in the future.


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