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Tips for Choosing a Personalized Groomsmen Gift

Personalized gifts are a great idea for when it comes to thanking your groomsmen for their involvement in your wedding day. Let us just clarify for a second though. By “personalized” gifts, we don’t necessarily gimmicky items. Although, we’re sure one of your groomsmen would love a personalized gift off somewhere like likenessme. The gifts we’re going to discuss are the most badass, thoughtful and swanky personalized items that your buddies will be proud to show off. Sometimes a gift like alcohol or chocolates can leave your groomsmen feeling like you’ve not thought about them. This is why it’s always best to make the gift a little bit special. Make sure it’s related to something they actually like too! Don’t get football tickets for a Star Wars fan, you’re much better off looking for nerdy groomsmen gifts from for them instead. It should be well thought out and personal to them. Drawing a blank when trying to figure out what to buy? This article has you covered.

Why Buy Gifts for Your Groomsmen Anyway?

Gifting items to the happy couple is no longer the only tradition at people’s wedding days. Buying gifts for the people involved in the event (specifically the groomsmen and the bridesmaids) is a nice idea that is rising in popularity. Why? Well, it is very likely these people have been your major support system in the lead up to your big day. They are the ones that have metaphorically held your hands throughout the anxiety and nerves, and the ones that planned you that awesome bachelor party that you were a little too drunk to quite remember. Don’t these awesome buddies deserve a little thanks and recognition? Fortunately, there are plenty of options for badass, personalized groomsmen gifts that don’t break the bank.

Buy Them Something Stylish

An excellent groomsman gift is a stylish accessory or apparel item that makes your boys look like dapper gentlemen that have just stepped out of London town. There are several benefits to giving your buddies a gift like this. Not only is it something that they are going to be able to get used out of at special occasions and formal events in the future, but it is also something that they can wear for your wedding.

If you are still scratching your head wondering what stylish item you can gift your groomsmen without spending a small fortune then fear not, there are plenty of items that exude elegance and sophistication without costing a proverbial arm and a leg. Some examples? Snazzy pocket watches, classy engraved leather wallets, timeless classic watches, or shiny cufflinks. No doubt the guys will love these!

Buy Them Something Manly

Manly men love manly gifts, grrr! At the very least, your buddies will appreciate gifts that are to be appreciated and used in the company of their male friends. A personalized cigar box with personalized engravings is the perfect example of that. Most of us enjoy sampling exquisite cigars from across the globe now and then, even if we don’t usually consider ourselves as smokers. Such an item is the ultimate in gentlemanly gifts.

Buy Them Something Useful

It’s possible to buy your groomsmen something useful and personalized that is also rather stylish. A “useful” gift never has to mean something that is drab, bland and boring. It can mean something charming and stylish. For example, personalized leather-bound journals and notebooks are a classy touch.

More than likely when your buddy wants to update his schedule or make notes for meetings at work he just scrawls the information down into a $0.99 cent lined notebook. Chances are that he is unlikely to splurge on a beautiful leather-bound notebook himself. That is precisely where your awesome personalized groomsman gift comes in. This is a book that he will whip out in meetings with pride and fond memories.

Buy Them Glassware or Barware

Glassware and barware is something that is always going to look elegant and see some usage. That relates to whether your buddies are fellas that are partial to a tipple or five, or they simply like hosting dinner parties and events on occasion. Instead of a whiskey decanter that comes from the local homewares store and looks the same as every other one, a personalized one is a little something extra special. No doubt it will become the talk of every dinner party or soiree that it is presented at.

Don’t Fret About the Price

You may be surprised by how easy it is to buy a personalized gift for groomsmen that is both affordable and incredibly awesome in nature! If you think that you have to spend a small fortune on your buddies in order to get them something that they will enjoy then you are wrong. Of course, these fellas understand that you have spent a pretty penny on your wedding so they will not expect something pricey and snazzy from you.

Personalized cufflinks, shot glasses and accessories can easily be found for less than $20 or $10. Better yet, they still look tasteful. Remember that it is the thought that counts.

Buy the Same Item Across all Groomsmen

Buying the same item across all of your groomsmen sets a nice tone. It ensures that there is no awkwardness among the boys if they perceive one person’s gift to be more costly than theirs, etc. It also creates a nice unit feeling of being a manly wolfpack or something. Bonus points if you get them all a personalized gift that they can rock up to the wedding all sporting together.

Truly there is an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to groomsman gifts depending on your buddy's preferences and interests. Whatever you buy them, they are sure to love it on account of the symbolism behind the gift.


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