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Pepsi Announces Uncle Drew Will Be a Full-Blown Film

The sizzling, crisp ball handler known as Uncle Drew is back as Pepsi announced there will be a full-blown movie slated to showcase the character.

Previous commercials of the Pepsi character featured Kyrie Irving as Uncle Drew, Maya Moore, Nate Robinson, Kevin Love and Ray Allen—all NBA, former NBA players or WNBA players—have been smash hits due to the millions of views the commercials have garnered.

Right now, though, there is no official release date.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to build with Pepsi,” Irving told “And even more excited for what’s ahead.”

With the addition of the new movie, there will also be an Uncle Drew website, merchandise and new gear.

While Irving is set to star in this film, his teammate, LeBron James, too, will star in a film—the sequel of the hit film Space Jam.

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