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PayAttention Because He’s The Next Best Thing

After creating songs with artists like Chris Brown, P. Diddy and French Montana, PayAttention recently released his highly anticipated single Back To You. With the melodic rhythm and sun out windows down sound, bumping this song is a must this summer. But who is the man behind the voice?

PayAttention does it all as a producer, songwriter, engineer and recording artist. As the head of his record label, Initial Entertainment, this jack of all trades brings his talents together to develop other artists internationally while producing hit records with many of the artists we know and love. In a quick Q+A with QG, PayAttention broke down the little things that make him a big deal.

What type of sound do you typically go for when recording? Something that no one’s doing, usually a world sounds. Why the name PayAttention? It came naturally while I was in Full Sail. I produced my first official record that charted (Maino featuring Roscoe Dash, “Let it Fly”), and I had a lot of people who would come to my apartment from school to watch me make beats. I was playing with some words “PayAttention” in the track, and one kid from the crowd asked if my name was PayAttention, I guess he thought I was adding my tag. I looked around and said, “Yes, Hell yeah!”

What was the inspiration behind Back to You? I wrote the record with a few buddies of mine. We talked about always finding your way back to the ones we truly love no matter what. Is there a side of music that most don’t know, but should? Yes, I’ve been doing a lot of music in the Asian market place. I did an album with Joey Tang and Hanjin Tan Megastars in that space. I believe Americans should be more open to other international music even if we may not understand the languages. Just like they’re open to our American music. Remember, Korean pop is the most listened to Asian music, however, most Asians that listen to Korean music don’t speak or understand Korean. They love their melodies.

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What was your first instrument? A piano. Have you been on ever been a tour, and what was that experience like? Yes, I toured with the Ohio Players. Best experience ever. I learned a lot about everything. I was Sugar Foot’s right-hand man. Who is your biggest influence? Michael Jackson. What did you learn from some of the greats you’ve worked with? I learned so much from so many different people. From the formula of making hit records every time (though music is changing now a day), how not to overthink, trick on engineering, and how to move in the industry. What do you want people to be left feeling after hearing your music? Inspired while creating a soundtrack to moments in their own lives.  What is some advice that you can give a struggling artist? Keep your masters and flood the market.

Photo Credit (Ben Duggan)

With all new artist and new sounds being introduced, PayAttention is someone to keep your ear to the ground for. Check out Back to You to catch a vibe.


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