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OVO comes to New York City

Drake’s OVO is slated to open a third flagship store which will be located in New York City. OVO stands for October’s Very Own for those fashion enthusiasts who don’t know. The Los Angeles store opened it’s doors last year behind the original Toronto location. Toronto would be the first to open considering it is the hometown of the Canadian rapper/fashion entrepreneur .

At the moment not much information has been released about the NYC store. A cryptic video was released in honor of the new store. In the video a voice of a Jamaican man can be heard speaking patois as the skyline of the empire state is shown. An image of an owl is illuminated as it hovers over the city. The owl is the logo for the OVO brand.

The brand has seen its share of success with the help of manager Oliver El- Khatib. Many items are sold out on OVO’s website.  OVO is dominating pop culture and this expansion can only mean bigger things for the future. While there is no official date of the NYC store opening feel free to shop online. We’ve also included a few items that you might want to check out. 

Also check out the OVO NYC video below directed by Ben Solomon and produced by Angel Jonathan Rosa


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