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Our 2018 Travel Guide to Save You Money This Season

It�s that time again! Spring has sprung, May is almost here, and it�s the perfect time to hit the road with good friends and family. No matter when this warm weather season, QG has you covered with a few best tips and practices to make your travels smooth and less costly. That�s a win-win. Save your travelwear, save money and have some fun in the sun!

Travel TIP #1

Plan and book ahead, as soon as possible, if possible.

When looking to travel, it�s important to plan ahead. With that being said, you want to book early as possible. During peak travel periods, it can cost you to wait until the last minute to book, and especially if you�re booking for an entire family! You want to book at least 2 weeks out and that�s still cutting it close, but it has been said that airline ticket prices typically go up in the last two weeks before flying. If you�re really good, you�ll want to book six weeks in advance. Before deciding on booking accommodation, it is important that you make sure you research just how much you might be spending, especially if you’re going for an extended stay. If you’re travelling to Berlin, you may want to have a look at the Cost of Living in Berlin by Destination Scanner to see if this is something that is possible. Keep in mind if you�re flying internationally, allow more time. Give yourself three to six months in advance to have it all booked to get the best deals. When planning, don’t overlook vaccinations. PharmaVaccs has you covered if you want to see all available travel vaccinations by country.

Travel TIP #2

Book early mornings or Tuesdays between 2 pm-3 pm.

The best times to book are mornings, and according to Travel Channel and Rick Sweeney, CEO and co-founder of FareCompare, Tuesday at 2:30 pm is the best time to purchase flight tickets. Here�s why he said so. The study by also says the best time to buy airline tickets and shop for travel (domestically) is on Tuesday at 3 pm Eastern. So it�s safe to say between those times are the best for you!

Put your travel on layaway.

You hear offers like getting a credit card with travel reward programs, but there may be options without going that route. Airfordable is one of those options. According to Travel Channel, it works as such,�You search for the ticket you�re looking to purchase and take a screenshot of it and upload it to your flight details in your Airfordable account. You then secure your ticket with a deposit and pay the rest in installments before your departure date. You receive your e-ticket after your last payment. They guarantee price protection so your flight costs won�t go up, and they don�t run a credit check, so it doesn�t affect your score.�

Travel TIP # 4

Keep an eye out and get a refund when fares go down.

If fares go down after you�ve purchased your ticket, you�re still in luck. Simply ask for a refund. Depending on the airline, you may or may not get one, but it doesn�t hurt to ask. Policies can vary, but for an example, has a Best Price Guarantee. That entitles you to money back if you find your itinerary for less or on another website.

Travel TIP # 5

Shop Around.

Don�t settle on or for the first price or deal you think you see. No matter how good it seems, don�t book the first fare you see, and definitely, if you have time. Start by searching some of the popular online travel providers like Travelocity, TripAdvisor Flights or Kayak. Compare and check to see if the airline site itself is running a cheaper deal, sale, or promotion to your destination. If you don�t see your preferred price range, you can watch the fares for a bit. Most major booking sites also have alert features to send you email notifications when the price drops to the fare you prefer to pay.

Travel TIP # 6

Check in with the discounters.

Discount airlines are available for domestic and international flights. They aren�t always easy to find but are popping up more on booking sites, such as Kayak who now offers fares for JetBlue and Spirit. Although, many of them are still only available on their own sites. Smarter Travel offers a list of Domestic discount airlines, as well as International discount airlines.

Travel TIP # 7

Fly from an alternative airport.

There may be an airport right around the corner, but don�t rule out the possibility that the one a little farther away might be the better deal. It could save you more money going the distance to fly out. It still may be cheaper, including the bus ticket or train to get there.

Avoid the baggage fees.

Baggage fees add up. Try packing less. Extras and options are a necessity, but try putting as much as possible into your carry-on, and maybe one other, but watch the weight restrictions. Be mindful of what you�re packing, how much, and ultimately how much this could cost you.

QG Travel TIP # 9

Try an alternative for staying, instead of traditionally a hotel.

These days, there are many other some private room options to choose from. You can rent out someone�s entire spot, a couch, or spare room. Sites like, Airbnb allows you to do that! This can be a lot cheaper and allows you more accommodations. It can be a lot more rewarding for travelers, whether traveling alone, a group of friends, a couple, or an entire family! As well as this, you could even try staying in a room whilst floating. Yes, a cruise! There are curises that travel all over the world, like cruises from melbourne, asia, japan, everywhere! Have a look, and you might find that you a cruise would really suit you!

QG Travel TIP # 10

Use a flight booking app to help.

Try out a few at least a few weeks ahead, before you really need to use it to find out how it works and if it�ll benefit you and what you�re looking for. Smart Traveler recommends a few, and here they are.


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