Omar Epps is Inspiring the Youth with New Campaign for “I Will Graduate”

Being a Brooklyn native himself and attending a public school around the way, it’s personal for Omar Epps.  It means something to give inspiration to his community, in addition to his mother, who was an educator.  His intentions have always been to show students that success means staying in school.

Epps was recently invited to the Life Academy High School for Film and Music to showcase a new poster campaign for I WILL GRADUATE, a city-sponsored youth development program.

The Actor, and newly-Author also filmed In The Classroom, an original program hosted by Tonya Lewis Taylor, who is Founder of Entertainers 4 Education Alliance/I WILL GRADUATE Program.  Taylor had the privilege to sit down with Epps in front of a live student audience to discuss his roadmap to success, struggles, and triumphs.

This I WILL GRADUATE poster campaign is designed to create awareness, influence attitudes, behaviors, and empower young people to succeed.  The 2018/2019 campaign entitled Keys to Success will be revealed in all 1650 NYC public schools.  It will also be posted by the NYC Department of Education and other City Agencies.

Omar Epps is a shining example that with hard work and dedication you can live your dreams. He is also a product of the New York City public school system which makes him the perfect influencer for the poster campaign,” said Tonya Lewis Taylor, co-founder of Entertainers 4 Education Alliance/I WILL GRADUATE Program.