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Off the Field Life of Miami Dolphins Davon Godchaux

Davon Godchaux is a defensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins. He played football at Louisiana State University from 2014-2016. Since being drafted in the 5th round, Godchaux has made a huge impact for the Miami Dolphins. Godchaux is also a business extraordinaire working with Pumpd Water and he also has big plans for his brand and family. Take a minute to get to know more on Davon Godchaux off the field!

You’ve been labeled as the GrillMaster, where did that name come from?

Ha-ha. When I got to South Florida and the Dolphins, I would be on the grill. People loved my food and what I was doing got around about my skills and just like that, I was labeled the master because I’m pretty good at it.

Do you feel like cooking is an acquired skill? Who taught you?

I’m from Louisiana so my mom can cook, all my people can cook. It is apart of the culture over there. So, I took out time and learned from my mom. Whoever says cooking isn’t a skill is lying however it’s an easy skill to learn. The more you try at it, the better you can get.

What life lessons did you learn from your parents that are helping you in life today?

My parents definitely taught me hard work and it’s something I have always used. I got to where I am right now because of hard work. It’s not a magic trick. I got to be where I am because of hard work, dedication, and doing the right thing. It’s important to stay out of trouble and stay humble.

What type of mentality does it take to live your life?

I live the life of an NFL player. A lot of people want to play sports. They want to make money, but at the end of the day, it reverts back to hard work. If you’re not willing to put in countless hours, as a lawyer, doctor, basketball or football player, or whatever you want to do, you won’t get there. I believe in this world you get what you put out. Life requires sacrifices to get what you want. You have to be tough and know the right time to make certain sacrifices in life because everyone fails in life but not everybody gets up and fights for what they want.

How important is it that you give back to the community?

It’s very important to give back to the community. When I was growing up, we didn’t have anyone giving back to me so I want to give back to people. Being in the position I’m in, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to positively impact lives and I certainly will. It’s very important to give back to the community that raised me. You never forget how you grew up, playing on every corner and with everyone in the neighborhood so to be able to continue to grow on this journey with my community is great.

Tell me more about Pumpd water?

Pumpd water is a 10+pH alkaline water. Alkaline is one of the greatest out there. Alkaline is being used in the discovery for the cure of AIDS so it’s the real deal. So 10+pH water is not supercharged like water from other companies out there. Meaning they may be 10+pH when it leaves a factor on its way to a store but by the time you purchase it, its pH levels are going to be off. Pumpd water remains with a good pH level and great taste.

Word is that you have an interest in fashion and modeling. Is that true?

Oh yeah. Well, I’m still not sure about modeling but I can dress up pretty well. I’m trying to put on for the big guys. Many big guys are uncomfortable in their own skin, and I want to make sure I represent for them. You don’t have to put on skinny jeans to have swag and it’s good for people to see that. But after football, I would love to start my own clothing line and I know it’ll be amazing.

How important is it to be seen as more than just an athlete?

It’s very important to be seen as more than just an athlete. Right now my page is flooded with fashion stuff and being a dad. I post a lot of my kid. Being seen as more than an athlete is big for me because like Lebron James said, “I bring more to the table”, I’m a father, and like to consider myself a fashion icon. Also, sports can be unforgiving. You won’t be a professional athlete forever and you need to have goals and plans for when that time comes.

What makes you stand out?

Well, I stand out because I’m a 6’4 300-pound man that can dress. I consider myself a threat because not many men my size can dress well. When I was at fashion week, a lot of people were intrigued by me being there. They loved the way I was dressed, took pictures and couldn’t believe I had so much swagger. And of course, they all loved my chain.

What next for Davon Godchaux?

People like to say football is 5 to 6 months out of the year but it’s truly 365 days a year. So, I’m training and enjoying the process. What’s important is that I’ll be doing everything I love these next couple of months from being a dad to taking great photos, training, and wearing dope outfits.

Make sure to follow Davon Godchaux on Instagram.


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