Odell Beckham Makes His Fashion Debut With Bloomingdales

Odell Beckham is no stranger to fashion. The 23-year-old NY Giants wide receiver is a style inspiration after just two seasons in the NFL. From his haircut to his clothing choices he has influenced a range of individuals from kids to grown men. Whether it’s the blonde Mohawk, tattoos, or his tight body that many languished for on the cover of ESPN’s Body Issue, the young athlete proves that he has a style all his own.

The fashionable footballer showed up to the Met Gala this year donning a black Calvin Klein suit and a pair of $330 Del Toro velvet slippers. The Met Gala is generally an unlikely place for a young NFL superstar but Beckham proves that he has the chops to be at such a high fashion event.

Beckham is making his magazine rounds as the NFL fashion “it boy”. He was featured in the debut issue of GQ Style b